Cruse Complete Fitness


Some of the business and organizations I highly recommend:


Online Training:

Cruse Complete Fitness now offers online training! If you cannot come to the Cedar Rapids area, I can bring my training to the convenience of your smart phone using the equipment you already have access to! Click here for more details! 



FNX Nutrition is an up and coming supplement company that has created some awesome products for athletes. Click here now and enter the code "Crusecomplete15" for 15% off your first order!


Fitness Training Education:

ISSA is a leader Fitness Trainining Education as an organization that offers an accredited degree program as well as a certification program. I have had a great experience working with them and, if you are interested in creating a career in fitness training or even just want to gain knowledge for your own physical training, click here for more details!


Home and Commercial Fitness Equipment:

Westside Barbell. Everyone who has studied anything about getting stronger has come across the name Westside Barbell, or at least, Louie Simmons. These men and women have set an incredible number of world records in power lifting and continue to do so. 

Crain's Muscle World has been in the business of helping people become great power lifters for several years! Great service and a great resource! 

APT Pro Gear creates unique equipment for strength. Click here for more information. 

Strongergrip is one of the best kept secrets in strength and fitness training! Ryan Pitts custom makes incredible equipment for not only grip strength, but mobility and overall strength development! Click here for more information! (I just picked up some of his creations and they are awesome!)  

Brute Force is a manufacturer of high quality, long lasting sandbags that can be used for almost anything! I, for one, love sandbag training! Click here now for more information!

Dragon Door is the organization that brought Russian Kettlebells to popularity in the United States including certifications for kettlebell instructors. The still sell some of the finest kettlebells as well as some great training materials. Check them out here

Perform Better offers a wide variety of fitness equipment that helps you perform better! Their products and service are excellent! Click here for more information!

Titan Fitness offers some of the best deals in the fitness industry! Let's face it, most of us don't have an unlimited budget. Titan Fitness offers excellent, durable products at incredible prices! Click here for more information!

Great Lakes Girya is a Canadian based company that has the best kettlebells I have ever used! In addition to great kettlebells, they have many other great products! Click here for more information and use the code IANCRUSE to receive 5% off your order!

Rehab and Prehab:

One of the more often overlooked aspects of fitness is rehabilitation from training and injuries and avoiding injuries to begin with. A few local businesses I recommend for this are:

Care Chiropractic (Dr. Sean is an athlete himself)

Seasons Massage and Spa (Wendy Duchesneau Licensed Massage Therapist)

Brightside Wellness (Jessica LaFayette Licensed Massage Therapist)


Fitness Centers (Gyms):

Choosing the right place to train is very important! Some people benefit most from training at home while others benefit most from training outside. For many people, joining a good, safe fitness facility is their best option. I have worked with clients at several facilities and can honestly say that Gold Pointe Fitness is the one I keep coming back to! My clients even receive a significant discount when they train there! Click here for more details!


Healthy Dining and Food Options

Isolator Fitness is an awesome company that helps you organize your meal preperation. I have used an ISOBAG every day for 3 years and have found it to be very durable and very helpful! (They also offer food, supplements and weightlifting accessories!) 

New Pioneer Food Coop Locally run, locally grown food options including Fair Trade, Organic, Grass Fed Meats, and Non-GMO certified foods. Great options and open to the public!

Rawlicious - Raw Vegan Cafe Locally owned and operated vegan cuisine


Great Organizations:

555 Fitness is a non-profit organization focused on keeping firefighters healthy by offering free workouts online and grants of fitness equipment for fire departments. Very dedicated people with a great cause that is very near and dear to my heart! Click here for more details!